Evergreen in Name and in Practice – ‘Smart’ Green Cleaning Policy

Here at Evergreen Maintenance, we have taken the initiative to be green in more than name. We know that our clients want to minimize their environmental footprint, and that’s what we want too. That’s why we have a Smart Green Cleaning Policy.

What is Our ‘Smart’ Green Cleaning Policy?

Our Green Clean Policy is a commitment to only using green products that reduce harmful effects on human health and the environment. Our Green Clean policy doesn’t only affect what cleaning produces we use; it also influences our choice of paper products and equipment. We will only stock recycled products unless a client specifically requests a non-recycled version. We also purchase energy-efficient equipment that allows us to reduce our energy consumption.

Our Green Staff

At Evergreen, we are committed to giving our staff the education they need to do the best job possible. This includes their work in helping to lead the way in sustainable cleaning. We hire certified experts to educate our staff on the most current sustainable methods in environmental cleaning. We keep abreast of the research available to ensure that we are not missing any opportunity to be more sustainable as a company.

What Kinds of Products Do We Use?


We use products that are Green Seal or Ecologo certified. You can recognize these products by the following logos:


Where Will I Notice the Green Difference in My Cleaning Service?

  1. You’ll notice that we utilize products that emit zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  2. When we finish cleaning, your space will be a fragrance and scent-free environment.
  3. Our floor-finishing procedure is zinc-free.
  4. We conduct interior building air quality reports.
  5. We will use paperless systems to give you your invoice.
  6. You will notice that we do not use fuel powered equipment.
  7. We adapt our disposal/recycling programs according to your needs.
  8. We have developed low-impact solutions for graffiti removal.

As a business owner or manager, you know that you want to be as sustainable as possible. Your cleaning service is one of the major factors in deciding the sustainability of your company.  Let us lower your ecological footprint – one green clean at a time.

A Question of Clarity – 10 Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Company

You’ve answered the first question – Do I want to hire a professional cleaning company to save time and money on all of my cleaning requirements? – with a resounding ‘Yes.’ Good choice. But now comes the task of choosing a cleaning company. There are many out there, but finding the right one for you and your business requires gathering information and doing research. You want to find a professional cleaning company with the skilled staff, ample resources and dedication to the task at hand. In order to help make your job that much easier, here is a list of 10 important questions to ask any prospective cleaning company.


Look for a cleaning company that has been in business a minimum of 10 years and has grown throughout those years. Look for a company that invests in its staff and training, owns and operates the latest cleaning equipment, who cares about their clients’ needs and has the experience and reputation to back up any claims they make.


Research the cleaning company you are thinking of hiring and find out what their clients have to say about them. Look for a company whose clients are very satisfied with the services provided and that the commercial cleaning company can handle your specific needs.


Does the cleaning company have the staff, skill, and capability to do what you need them to do? You may need just a general clean, or a specific clean with specialist equipment. A professional cleaning company will ensure they remain up-to-date on all the latest procedures and products to ensure complete client satisfaction.


Does the cleaning company have the capacity to handle the work you need them to do? Different buildings, different requirements; so look for a cleaning company that can handle a wide variety of diverse industries, whether it’s retail, financial, healthcare, real estate, commercial office or government.


Make sure the cleaning company you choose can modify their supply to your demand. They need to meet your requirements and scope of work, and adapt their cleaning schedule – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly – to your bespoke requirements.


Just as in any other business transaction, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for every dollar you spend. Ask your prospective cleaning company their rates and compare them to their competitors. Ask whether the rates are all-inclusive or whether there any extra fees for additional cleaning (E.g. emergency clean-ups).


This is important to protect your business and ensure your financial security. All professional cleaning companies will have the requisite liability and workers compensation insurance needed to conduct their operations safely and securely. If there is damage to any flooring, furniture, or equipment, it is the cleaning company who will foot the bill, not you.


The larger the company the higher the chances of multiple cleaners entering your business throughout the year. Every cleaner must be trained, certified, background-checked, and equipped to handle all of your requirements, and be familiar with your workspace. You may not often interact with your cleaners, or you may prefer a regular cleaner (or team of cleaners) you can build a working relationship with.


A professional cleaning company must ensure that every member of their staff is consistent in their delivery of top quality cleaning services. All employees must be held to the same high standard, and the company dedicated to comprehensive and continuous training for all of their staff. A professional cleaning company will implement ‘green cleaning practices’ and refrain from using harmful chemicals such as bleach in order to keep your workplace healthy and safe. They will also make sure that their staff has been properly instructed in the use of the latest green cleaning products.


Ask the cleaning company what quality assurance policies they have in effect. How do they guarantee their work, and what happens if you have query regarding their work? The right cleaning company will ensure that all of the work they do for you meets with your complete satisfaction. Any concerns you may have must be dealt with swiftly and efficiently so that, come rain or shine, your workplace looks spotless.

Asking the right questions will get you the answers you need. Or, if you want to save even more time and money, you can skip these 10 questions entirely and call Evergreen Building Maintenance directly.

You can rest assured that you will be pleased with our answers to all of the above questions. Locally owned and operated, EBM has been a leader in the janitorial industry for more than 28 years. We specialize in commercial buildings and service 2.5 million square feet every day. We have the skills and expertise to guarantee only the very highest standards of cleanliness.

Please make the call; we’d love to show you what we can do.