Maintaining B.C. Liquor Stores

The British Columbia Liquor Board is an establishment that stretches all across our beautiful province.  The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) is a part of everyday life for BC residents, whether you need supplies for a party, for cooking, or for relaxing at the end of a long week. As they are an integral part of life, we are proud to say that the B.C. Liquor Stores are one of our many satisfied clients.

About British Columbia Liquor Stores

In addition to being licensed by the government to distribute and retail alcohol all across British Columbia, the LBD brings in a healthy source of revenue to the province – namely 935 million dollars’ worth of net income on BC Liquor Store retail sales of $1.2 billion. The LDB operates a province-wide, retail/wholesale beverage alcohol business, within a mixed public – private model. This means that in addition to being their own private business, they have a connection with the provincial government and contribute to how much the province earns, which in turn is given back to the taxpayers in many different ways.

The LDB also employs approximately 3,600 full- time and part-time employees and operates 196 BC Liquor Stores across the province. Its Head Office facility is in Vancouver, and its network includes 2 wholesale customer centres, 2 distribution centres in Vancouver and Kamloops and various small offices. They are a huge part of the financial life of our province and we are proud to be their supplier.

What We Do for the LDB

Evergreen Building Maintenance has recently been awarded maintenance contracts for several of the BC Liquor Stores in the interior of the province, as well as Southern British Columbia. That means we have the honour and the responsibility of maintaining multiple retail locations for the BC Liquor Board, which is no small feat. Consistent and reliable work is crucial to such a widespread and reputable business like the British Columbia Liquor Board because they need to maintain the highest level of professionalism, cleanliness, and organization in their buildings in order to operate successfully.

Providing maintenance services for multiple LDB buildings adds to our already extensive experience in handling projects of this magnitude. We are very comfortable and confident with clients that feature multiple storefronts and locations that require regular maintenance. Contact us today to see what Evergreen Building Maintenance can do for you.

How Technology Helps Us Serve You Better

At Evergreen Building Maintenance, we believe in constantly evolving with the times. One of the ways that we have changed our cleaning practice over the years is through the use of technology. Technology has helped us refine our routine and ensure a consistency in cleaning standards, from office cleaning to retail cleaning to custodial services. With over 28 years in the business, we’ve had plenty of time to find the technological advances that are best suited to our company.

Technology for Growth

Technology has allowed us to become the premier cleaning service provider in Western Canada. From Calgary to Vancouver, we guarantee the same high standard of service. Our swift and critical adoption of technology is what has kept our cleaning standards high even as we grow bigger. By using technology, we are able to stay in constant contact with our clients, our local supervisors, and every employee at Evergreen Building Maintenance.

Work Order Management

We use technology to ensure that every client is served to the same high standard. You will notice the difference from the beginning to the end of your service request with Evergreen Building Maintenance.

How it works:

  • First, we’ll take your service request through an email or a phone call. You will love how efficient and instantaneous you’ll find this service ordering process. (We can collect detailed information about your request for our records, allowing us to ensure that we understand all the nuances of your maintenance needs.)
  • Next, we’ll make sure that we schedule staff, supplies and equipment. This will all be done through tracking technology, ensuring that we have an accurate idea of inventory and employee availability.
  • Now we’ll submit the key information about your service request to a local supervisor, complete with a mandatory quality control checklist. This will allow the local supervisor to take a hands-on approach to the service request and to truly understand what you requested.
  • After all the work has been completed and our local supervisor has submitted the quality control report, we’ll get in touch with you. By contacting you through phone or email, we will be able to ensure that we have satisfied your request and that you are completely happy with our level of service.

Time Tracking

Our employees use a Smartphone application that allows us (and our clients) to track how much time was spent at each job site and when. This allows for a more transparent billing process and a clear understanding of job site requirements and scheduling needs.

At Evergreen Cleaning, we seek out new technology to help us fine-tune our business model. Every year, we grow more efficient and interconnected. As we grow, our communication needs expand. We are committed to providing you with the highest standards in all our cleaning and janitorial services, and technology is just one of the ways that we work towards that goal.