Keeping Your Break Room in Order

Many offices have a break room or a kitchen where employees and staff can heat their food up and eat lunch together. In modern offices, they can even consist of fun activities like pool tables and games. These spaces are so important to have a break from your desk, reflect on your day and catch up with other people in the office. An office’s break room however, requires frequent and regular maintenance and cleaning due to the high volume of people-traffic. Here are some important considerations to help keep your break room in order.


Maintaining food debris

Food debris can cause a huge mess if it isn’t properly cleaned in an office. If your office has carpeting, this can also be a breeding ground for germs and debris build up. In the break room, it’s important to have a designated area for food that is kept clean at all times. This area should also have towels, paper towels, sponges and soap and sanitization products to encourage people to clean up after themselves.

For those who choose to eat at their desks, include an area in the office where people can have access to items to clean up their desks and sanitize their hands and surrounding areas. This will ensure that there is always a strong standard of cleanliness in all areas of the office where food may be consumed.



Sanitization is also important for break rooms and lunch areas. The kitchen area is one of the number one areas where germs can spread quickly. If somebody for instance, is carrying a cold virus, but has not yet felt its symptoms and touches let’s say, a coffee maker, this virus could spread easily to other people.

How to remedy this: Ensure that areas are sanitized frequently by a professional cleaning company. A regular and thorough sanitization process can make a huge difference to the spread of germs. Meanwhile, encourage your employees to sanitize their hands frequently even if they aren’t sick!

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Three Qualities of Top Cleaning Professionals

Being a professional cleaner isn’t always what it seems. When you think of their work, especially when it comes to how the movies depict them, the job can come off as a lonely, boring or even repetitive. The truth is, the cleaning industry is a viable sector of the labour force in Canada and the Janitorial Services industry is expected to grow continually and widen potential customer bases.

The Worldwide Cleaning Industry association states that green cleaning is a current marketplace phenomenon and this need is being driven by customer demands for environmentally friendly products and services. Companies involved in this trend along with their workers are offered an abundance of work!

So sure, the job can have its challenges ups and downs, but doesn’t every job? Here are some of the top three qualities of cleaning professionals that you probably don’t associate with the janitorial industry.


Janitors and cleaning professionals are well-versed in what many people consider unskilled labour. But the truth is, highly trained professionals that follow specific cleaning protocols are some of the most humble people out there. Humility is a virtue — it’s being honest with oneself about ability, talents, gifts, struggles and weaknesses. It’s the ability to set one’s pride aside to work together as a cohesive team. It’s not basing your self-worth on others but a true connection with one’s self first and foremost.

Strong work ethic

The truth is, whether you’re running the company or the one scrubbing toilets, if you’re working in the cleaning industry you likely have a strong work ethic. It takes time to complete a series of tasks quickly and efficiently in order to move on to the next job that could be one of five contracts within a day. A strong work ethic is not only important in the short term day-to-day aspect of the work, but it leads to future recommendations, relationships, recognition and reputation within your team and within the company.

They are team players

Working as a cleaning professional isn’t about being the centre of attention but it doesn’t make their work isolating. In fact, many cleaning professionals operate in tightknit teams.

Showing that you can work well with all kinds of people is a highly important characteristic when it comes to being a cleaning professional. Plus, if you let your guard down a little, you might even make some lifetime friendships out of your colleagues! Friends can also help you avoid sweating the small stuff when you have to deal with the challenges of the job.

So there you have it — the world of janitorial work is much more than what one would think. It involves well trained, humble and highly professional teams of people to get the job done. Are you in need of professional cleaning services for your commercial or industrial property? Get in touch with us today to get the process started.

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