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Janitorial Services Penticton BC – “Smart” Janitorial Strategies Give You A High Standard Of Cleaning Even On A Tight Budget

Are Company Budget Cuts Forcing You To Compromise The Cleanliness Of Your Building? 

We’ve Got Some “Smart” Ideas To Help Get More From Your Janitorial Services Budget!      

Janitorial Services Penticton BC

You know how it goes… You make a wish-list of all the things you want your janitorial company to do then you start contacting people to get a quote.  Pretty quickly, you realize it’s not going to be cheap to keep a high standard of cleanliness.  The cost of quality commercial janitorial services can add up quickly!

However, even if you are on a tight budget, if the building isn’t clean, you know you are going to get complaints.  Studies have shown that an unclean environment results in lower morale, lower productivity and profits take a dive.

You need to keep your facility clean in order to keep your employees and clients happy.  And nothing puts people off faster than a dirty, smelly building.

So, How Can You Keep Your Building Super Clean And Stay Within Budget?

Janitorial Services Penticton BC – You Have To Be “Smart” About It! 

Evergreen Building Maintenance uses the “Smart” cleaning system to bring your costs down while providing a higher level of cleanliness for your facility.

First, we get your wish list of your goals and details of all the things you want done and we review it within our company to see if we can come up with some obvious efficiencies.

Next we book an appointment with you and do a walk-through of your facility to add depth to our understanding of your specifications.  Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services Penticton BC

Then we go back and review everything with the specialists within our company to see if we can add more efficiencies to the plan right at the outset.

We have found that with careful planning we can accomplish quite a lot more within the same budget.

But there is still more…

Once our crews start working in the building, they will find further opportunities to “customize” cleaning procedures and save money on supplies.

It’s “Smart” to draw on the experience and expertise of your commercial cleaning service company.  Through experience they get to know the details of what it takes to keep the building clean.

  • Are there better, more efficient ways to do things we must do?
  • What are the most important things that must be done even on a reduced budget?
  • Which chores are we doing and do they make sense?
  • Are there things we are doing that do not need to be done anymore?
  • Are there things we are doing that could be done for less?

Our crews will get to know what areas need more cleaning and those that need less.  They also see what areas need more cleaning more often and those that can be cleaned less often, and still maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

By working ‘with’ the hands-on experience of your commercial janitorial service you will be able to set priorities on the cleaning schedule, extent of cleaning of certain areas, the materials used and how often, etc.

Periodically, we will take the ideas from our crew and discuss them with you to further streamline the specifics of what we do in your building.

For example, if you have a boardroom that is really only used once a month, then why pay to have it cleaned every day?  Or, maybe the top of the cubicle walls only need to be cleaned once a month.  Also, the carpet around the photocopier may need to be deep cleaned more often than the rest of the office, etc.

By learning how the building is used and drawing on the expertise of the janitorial services company, it is possible to do just the right amount and frequency of cleaning so there is no waste.

If your janitorial services company does not go through the process of “Smart” cleaning and just goes on a general outline of your goals, you will end up paying for a lot of cleaning that is not needed, the cost of materials will be higher and areas that need special attention will be overlooked.

“Smart” janitorial services Penticton BC means, you sit down with your janitorial services rep from time to time, discuss what you would like to see and review the plan from time to time.  This way, you will have a cleaner building and reduced costs.

It is also important to understand that we are thinking about, learning and exploring new and better ways to do our job all the time.  We come across new cleaning products, new technologies and new ways to handle problems that could not be addressed in the past.

Let us know your goals so we can put our experts and expertise to work for you.

Together, we can make it all work…within your budget.

You’ll be surprised how much more can be accomplished within a limited budget by scheduling and prioritizing cleaning tasks with our “Smart” cleaning systems.

Evergreen Building Maintenance is experienced in ‘Smart’ cleaning systems so they can be a valuable partner in making sure your facility is “perfectly” clean regardless of the season, promotion or circumstances in your business.

Over 30 Years Of Janitorial Services Experience Makes A Difference!

Evergreen Building Maintenance has been a leader in the janitorial services Penticton BC business for over 30 years.  We have long-term staff that have been with us for more than a decade and really know what they are doing.

When you have experienced people looking after your building there is less waste and you get a cleaner building in fewer hours…these two factors can save you a lot of money!

Whether you are a small business or a high-rise building, we have the experienced staff and the right equipment to handle ALL aspects of your commercial janitorial service needs.

Office Janitorial Services Penticton BC

Office janitorial services can include carpet cleaning services (including stain removal and pet stain removal), floor waxing, washroom cleaning and maintaining, general cleaning of all offices, special cleaning of any kitchen facilities, indoor plant maintenance, etc.  We have the trained staff available to handle anything related to office janitorial services.  We provide full janitorial services for offices and office buildings of any kind.

For office buildings we offer full building maintenance, parking lot cleaning and maintenance, snow removal as well as lawn care and landscaping services.

Retail Janitorial Services

Retail presents interesting challenges.  Sometimes there is hardly anything to do and other times a thorough cleaning is required.  Our experienced retail janitorial teams will make sure your clients are suitably impressed when they come to your store.

We can provide staff with security clearance to operate during the day or after hours.

Shopping Mall Janitorial Services

We can provide janitorial services Penticton BC for each store in a shopping mall.  However, the big challenge can be to keep the common areas clean, including the public washrooms.

The mall can start to look pretty bad during heavy rainfall or snowfall.  When the hallways get wet and dirty, people will track that dirt into individual stores.  The whole situation can get out of hand.

Our people will constantly monitor the entrances and in the hallways to provide a good experience for shoppers when the weather turns bad.

In addition, especially when the weather is wet, the windows can get pretty dirty.  With our special window cleaning process, we will make sure your windows and all glass surfaces will always be clean.

We provide full parking lot maintenance including snow removal, cleaning and landscape maintenance and lawn care.

We make a special effort to coordinate our efforts with shopping mall promotions.  With all the extra people that come into the shopping mall, garbage removal and extra mopping may be needed several times a day.  We’ll make sure your building is ready and your washrooms will always be clean and fresh smelling.

School Janitorial Services

We can provide experienced people for school janitorial services Penticton BC that have all the security clearances required.

Our staff can provide daily school property caretaking services for your school or a dedicated school janitor.

If your regular janitor wants to take some time off for holidays, we can easily provide services in his or her absence.

We provide “Green Cleaning” for schools to help prevent illnesses from spreading and allergic reactions in the school.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning And Janitorial Services

We provide restaurant kitchen cleaning, washroom cleaning and general restaurant janitorial services Penticton BC.

Regardless of what time you close or open your restaurant, we can be there to make sure you are ready to receive clients.

Special Events Promotion Janitorial Services

Special events and promotions can require extra preparation.  Our special events teams have experience handling janitorial services for large gatherings, busy food stalls and overcrowded washrooms.   Our parking lot maintenance teams will make sure people have a clean, presentable place to park their vehicles.  All these so-called minor details make the difference between an event that “feels” successful and one that doesn’t.

Our Commercial Janitorial Services Penticton BC Can Include:

  • Daily and weekly commercial cleaning services
  • Seven days per week and on call janitorial services
  • Emergency contact line 24×7
  • Security cleared personnel for government buildings
  • Floor stripping services
  • Floor waxing services, burnishing services
  • Steam cleaning for carpets
  • Steam extraction upholstery cleaning
  • Professional window cleaning for low rise buildings
  • High rise window washing, including lift operation
  • Garbage removal
  • Recycling services
  • Various surface cleaning and dusting
  • Polishing stainless steel and metal surfaces
  • Mobile paper shredding
  • Secure paper shredding services
  • Public washroom cleaning
  • Full property management
  • Parking lot litter removal and sweeping
  • Litter management
  • Snow removal services, application of sand, ice melter or salt
  • Cold and hot water power pressure washing
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Restoration services for properties
  • Replenishing sanitary products
  • Supplying and maintaining entrance mats
  • Inventory management for all sanitary products
  • …And any other type of janitorial services you may need.