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Professional Car Dealership Cleaning Services In Kelowna

Are the challenges of car dealership cleaning services in Kelowna any different from retail store cleaning, or other commercial cleaning services?

In fact, there are a lot of differences.

When a prospective customer comes into a car dealership, sure, they notice the shiny new cars, but they also notice the perfectly clear glass and the shiny floors too.

If the cars are shiny and new and the floors are scuffed and dirty, all of a sudden that brand new car starts to look like a little less attractive.

On the other hand, if the cars are shiny, the floors are shiny, and the showroom smells fresh and free, the customer gets a “good feeling” about the company.

Make your car dealership in Kelowna attractive to clients by hiring a commercial cleaning company that specializes in car dealership cleaning services in Kelowna.

Evergreen Building Maintenance knows the special challenges of car dealership cleaning, and we can help you make your customers feel more comfortable in your dealership.

Car Dealership Cleaning That Supports Your Sales People

Any kind of dust and dirt takes away from the credibility of the salespeople and the company.

It’s like when your salespeople wear suits or jackets but their shoes are not shiny.  The customer smiles when they are greeted, but when they look at the shoes, they realize that the smile and the nice words don’t necessarily have any depth.  It becomes harder to gain their trust and close the sale.

In order to focus your customer’s attention on cars instead of the dirt, you need to keep your showroom sparkling clean.

It’s just the nature of shoppers.  When they are about to spend thousands of dollars on something, they become really sensitized to all the “cues” that might indicate trustworthiness or lack thereof.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has several experienced crews that can provide the level of cleanliness you need to inspire confidence in your car dealership and salespeople.

Car Dealership Cleaning Services That Support Your Brand Image

We train our staff to be proactive in their approach to maintaining your dealership so you get an exceptional experience by having your showroom, offices, and even bathrooms, shine like new every single day.

Your showroom and offices will get a thorough dusting, disinfecting, vacuuming, and mopping of every corner of your showroom, from floors to windows, doors to glass, and beyond.

We will even sweep and power wash the parking spaces outside for the cleanest and best first impression possible.

A clean and tidy showroom will not only be pleasant and welcoming but also create a brand image while providing assurance to customers about the maintenance of the cars you sell as well. That’s why it’s very important for your showroom to look the best it can be.

With over 30 years of commercial cleaning experience in Kelowna, we can provide reliable sales support by sanitizing and disinfecting to the standards that inspire customers to feel confident they are dealing with the right company.

Showroom and parking lot cleaning services are available to individual dealerships, or franchise networks. 

Custom Cleaning Plan For Your Auto Dealership

We understand that every car dealership is different. We will create a custom strategy and schedule for your auto dealership in consultation with your management.  Cleaning plans for car dealership janitorial services in Kelowna can include the following elements and more, depending on your situation:

  • Maintain cleanliness of showrooms, reception, and garages
  • Carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • Washroom disinfecting and sanitizing
  • Disinfecting stairwells, handrails, ledges, baseboards, and surfaces
  • Spot clean walls
  • Cleaning entranceways, walkways, and exits
  • Garbage removal of common areas
  • Air freshening

Car Dealer Janitorial Services

In order to create the best possible “feeling” for your customers, we create a custom cleaning plan for your dealership that includes:

  • General cleaning – offices, lobbies, waiting areas, and the parts and service department
  • Special attention to showroom floors
  • Streak-free washing of display windows
  • Hardwood floor maintenance
  • Auto scrubbing of service drop-off, service bays and body shop floors
  • Office and cubicle cleaning including phones and exposed surface disinfection
  • Shampooing carpets using various techniques
  • Commercial janitorial services and disinfecting of lavatories
  • Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies
  • Dusting sales racks and displays
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Parts and service department cleaning and removal of hazardous chemicals
  • Recycling services for office materials and unneeded auto parts
  • Parking lot sweeping and power washing
  • Special event clean-up

Showroom Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Our comprehensive floor cleaning program enhances the quality of the floor’s appearance, and ultimately ensures the longevity of the floor through proper care.

  • We use the most appropriate method for the specific floor type.
  • Frequency of the maintenance tasks is appropriate to the traffic and floor type.
  • We provide specialized training for each specific task that is needed for your showroom floor.
  • We use the latest cleaning tools and techniques to provide superior cleaning for your floor while extending its longevity.
  • We use eco-friendly “green cleaning” systems and cleaning solutions whenever possible, to protect the health of your customers and staff while protecting the environment…but still, provide the best cleaning for your specific floor type.

All of these elements combine to ensure that your floors create the best setting for your automotive products in your car dealership.  The positive first impression created promotes not only a good workplace environment but also a good feeling for all customers who enter your doors.

Call now for a quote for professional car dealership cleaning services in Kelowna: 1-855-824-8450 or 250-869-5165

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