Your Commercial Space’s Winter Cleaning Needs

The cold weather season is in full effect but that doesn’t mean the cleaning season is over! In fact, winter brings with it a host of specific cleaning needs. As a business owner, you know all too well how there’s always tasks left to do. There’s always something that could use some sprucing up — so why not rely on timely, punctual and effective professional commercial cleaning services? Here are some considerations for your winter cleaning regimen.

Keeping the Effects of Snow, Dirt and Salt in Control

Winter brings on an additional need for cleaning professionals across the various industries.

We’ve written a lot about how it’s important to keep businesses clean for the health and safety of employees and customers — particularly when it comes to sanitization and controlling the spread of the flu and common colds. It’s also really important to keep government offices, commercial buildings and retail businesses from the buildup of snow, dirt and debris. This sort of buildup can actually wear at carpeting, discolour it and cause the need for replacements come spring time.

Regular steam cleaning helps to extract trapped salt or dirt that can get tracked indoors from outside. It helps to restore the appearance of entry ways and office carpeting by removing any stain-causing agents. A regular stem clean makes a huge difference to how professional and clean your business will look year-round!

Protect Your Flooring from Salt

Sand and salt that is used to combat ice has a rough texture that can strip protective coats from flooring. This can also make the flooring look messy and worn out and make your flooring slippery which can be hazardous. Even if you do a basic sweep or use entry way mats, the residue of the sand can spread easily to flooring and affect its durability and look. The residue must be cleaned with proper cleaning products in order to combat this issue.

Handling Harmful Liquids and Chemicals

Leftover puddles of chemicals found in ice and snow melts can also be extremely hard on the flooring of your business. They can also cause stains, make wood flooring swell, make laminate curl or present issues of mold and mildew if left unaddressed. A regular clean administered by a professional cleaning service can ensure that these damaging properties do not seep into flooring to cause any unwanted long-term issues.

Take care of your business’ property this winter by choosing Evergreen Building Maintenance. We can work out a schedule, task list and frequency that fit best with your business’s specific objectives. Get in touch with us today to get the process started!

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