Professional Department Store Cleaning

Professional department store cleaning can make a real difference to your business.
When a customer walks into a department store to look for a specific item or just browse, they are inevitably affected by the environment within the store. If your store is neat, tidy and well organized, this will have a positive influence on the customer and their buying ability. However, if your store is the opposite – dirty, cluttered and unorganized, this is considered a ‘retail turn off’ in marketing circles.

What turns off customers the most?

A recent Harris Poll surveyed U.S customers citing that their biggest turn offs were the following:

  • 78% of people said “general bad odour”
  • 66% said dirty restrooms
  • 60% entryway cleanliness (overflowing trash cans, unkempt and filthy)
  • 56% dressing room conditions (lighting issues, dirty floors and mirrors, and broken locks)

In addition to this data, the study found that those who are 65 and older are least likely to return to a store that does not support people with mobility issues.

Why Professional Retail Cleaning is Important

Department stores can range from two or more floors of sectioned off areas that include fitting rooms, washrooms, cash registers, counters and storage rooms. They are designed for a customer to spend time in, sometimes include additional restaurants or cafes and see many people in a day. It’s for these reasons that cleaning initiatives are a crucial aspect of keeping things running smoothly.

A professional department store cleaning service will make a detailed plan of action on what to clean, at what frequency it needs cleaning – as some areas need more attention than others – and will solidify a cleaning method for your business. Once this is established, things will get done like clockwork and become a natural part of a successful store protocol.

First impressions are very important in the retail world and are a huge part of the customer’s loyalty to your store.  Effective retail cleaning is one of a few ways you can show your customers that you care about offering quality products, services and a positive customer experience.

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