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Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance

Evergreen Building Maintenance can provide solutions for all of your parking lot maintenance needs.  We believe this is an important service as your parking lot is the first and last place customers remember. Regardless of the season, our staff are here to provide your parking lot with the following services:

  • Parking lot sweeping
  • Litter/gum removal
  • Leaf blowing & pick-up
  • Hot pressure washing
  • Oil stain removal
  • Parking lot resurfacing
  • Curb/line painting
  • Garbage bin disposal
  • Snow removal & ice melter

Parking Lot Power Sweeping

Power sweeping is one of the most important aspects of parking lot maintenance. By removing harmful dirt, gravel, and minerals from your parking lot on a regular basis your parking lot will look inviting to your clients.

Cleaning debris and looking after the maintenance on a regular basis means you will catch breakdowns before they become larger, more costly repairs to concrete and asphalt. Your parking lot lines will also last longer.

A properly maintained parking lot makes a good first impression when your clients arrive and leaves a lasting good feeling when they leave.

Using our industry experience and high quality equipment, we can provide cost-effective and reliable parking lot power sweeping and parking lot maintenance at anytime of the year.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Parking Lot Maintenance Available

Evergreen Building Maintenance offers flexible schedules for all of our parking lot maintenance and  power sweeping services. Whether you require regular daily parking lot cleaning or occasional parking lot power sweeping, we can create a schedule that works for your business. Complete annual or seasonal maintenance plans are also available.

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