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Apartment building cleaning company

Protect The Value Of Your Property By Hiring The Right Condominium Complex And Apartment Building Cleaning Company

The right apartment building cleaning company or condominium complex janitorial service can play a critical role in your commercial property’s success.

Professional cleaning can be the difference between a property full of happy tenants or, that same property lying empty.

This is why you can’t rely on just any apartment building janitorial service.

Condominium building and apartment complex cleaning presents a unique challenge for property managers. These types of residential buildings combine both private living spaces and common areas that need to be maintained.

While individual condo owners are responsible for the maintenance of their own spaces, the common areas within an apartment building must be at a high standard of cleaning to make sure the property looks sharp, is safe and sanitary for residents and visitors.

Why You Should Choose Evergreen Building Maintenance For High Occupancy Property Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining your property improves its value and curb appeal.

When you hire a professional cleaning company with trained work crews, proper management and years of experience, your property remains safe, spotless, and attractive for tenants, leaseholders, and business clients.

Evergreen Building Maintenance can help you maintain your townhouse complex, high-rise apartment building or condominium tower, or other commercial property with our comprehensive commercial cleaning and janitorial services in British Columbia and Alberta.

The big difference between Evergreen Building Maintenance and other commercial cleaning services is that it is run by business professionals, not by janitors.

Although the founders of the business did start off as janitors, they were able to quickly develop janitorial teams, due to their business expertise.

We understand that different commercial operations have different needs when it comes to cleaning.  Cleaning is not just about scrubbing and mopping.  Evergreen Building Maintenance understands that cleaning is part of the corporate or business presence of a company.

A well run condominium complex cleaning company will know that cleanliness and upkeep are part of the market value of the building.  There is money on the line for investors who live there as well as landlords renting out individual units.

Evergreen Building Maintenance is well-equipped to provide condo building and apartment building cleaning services to residential properties so all common living spaces remain spotless.

Our “Green Cleaning” System Provides A Healthy, Sanitary Environment

With our “Green Cleaning” system, we make sure harmful bacteria and viruses are taken care of.  After we finish cleaning an area, you and your building residents will be left with a cleaner, healthier environment.

In addition to our regular disinfection processes throughout your common areas, our professionals can provide a range of additional apartment complex cleaning services, such as:

·         Thorough cleaning of common areas such as laundry rooms, lobbies, corridors and recreational rooms

·         Special deep cleaning of carpets and hard flooring

·         Seasonal cleaning of windows, walls, or any other spaces you require

·         Floor stripping, waxing, buffing and polishing services

·         Upholstery cleaning

·         And much more!

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