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Industrial cleaning services for many different industries


Evergreen Building Maintenance understands the unique requirements of different industries.

With over three decades of experience, Evergreen Building Maintenance is ready to serve each individual industry with a commitment to excellence.

Our staff has both the expertise and the patience to meet or exceed our client’s expectations and get the job done right – no matter what the size.

We apply the same standard of service and value to a variety of industrial cleaning services situations including:

Industrial Cleaning Services Safety Experitse

We provide industrial cleaning staff with safety training in your industry. Over the years we have been involved with many different industrial cleaning situations. If your industry is a little or a lot different, we will train our staff for your specific industry to ensure safety for all concerned.

Cost Improvements

Our industrial cleaning teams use the “Smart” cleaning model for cost optimization. The supervisor of our cleaning team will work closely with you to set goals and standards. Based on your knowledge of how your facility is used and the experience of our team supervisor, we will create an initial plan to fulfill your cost and cleaning goals.

As we gain experience in cleaning your facility, our staff will suggest ways to improve cleaning and reduce costs.

Over a period of time this process will result in a high level of industrial cleaning while keeping costs down.

Quality Focus

We pride ourselves in satisfying our customers by exceeding their Quality expectations.

Our industrial cleaning services team supervisors are trained to work with each individual employee and develop their skills. Through close monitoring and hands-on training, we are able to deliver consistent, high quality cleaning.

Flexibility And Expertise

If you are in a situation where your needs change from time to time or from season to season, we have the flexibility to provide as many industrial cleaning people as you need, at any time of day or night.

We also have the ability to provide “experts” to handle specific cleaning situations.

Morale And Attitude

You’ll find us easy to work with. We understand you want to have a clean facility for your staff and clients and we strive to provide a high standard of cleanliness. However, if you find that we have missed cleaning something or you want something done another way, we will be happy to accommodate you.

Creating a positive work environment at your facility leads to improved employee morale and higher productivity.

Environmentally Conscious

“Green cleaning” systems means we use non-toxic cleaning agents and equipment to reduce the environmental impact of industrial cleaning services.

We use cleaning materials that are hypoallergenic and extremely effective in preventing the spread of illnesses.

Whenver possible, we will use recycled paper products.

Any waste will be recycled as much as possible.

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