Fitness Centre Cleaning Services Kelowna BC

Fitness Centre Cleaning Services Kelowna

If you own a fitness centre or gym you know a professional fitness centre cleaning services company is a cornerstone to having a successful business.

The best fitness facilities look clean and smell great.  They create an energized, inviting environment where people can achieve their goals.

New members will be more inclined to enroll in a clean fitness centre. Experienced members will appreciate the care you take to provide a clean fitness facility every time they come in for a workout.

That means more clients and many long-standing members for your business.

Evergreen Building Maintenance is experienced in creating the clean, fresh-smelling, healthy and welcoming environment you’re looking for.

Eliminate Contaminated Surfaces In Your Fitness Centre

When you get a cleaning company that is not experienced in gym cleaning, they will tend to (sometimes) use disinfectant wipes and sprays on treadmills and cardio machines but they will neglect other high-touch items like dumbbells, free weights.

Do medicine balls, wall balls, basket balls, volley balls and other balls need cleaning?  Of course they do.  And your fitness centre cleaning company should clean them regularly.  When your member picks up one of these balls they should not have to worry about dirty and possibly infection carrying balls.

Equipment can get sticky through use.  All equipment should get a thorough wipe down on a daily basis.

Since many infectious organisms can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces Evergreen Maintenance properly cleans and disinfects these hotspots including all high touch surfaces, floors, washrooms and locker rooms.

What Happens If There Is A Confirmed Case Of The COVID Virus In Your Facility?

Evergreen Maintenance will take action immediately!

The most important first step is to notify us immediately.

We will implement our deep cleaning protocol for your gym or fitness centre.

Our priority is to ensure the safety of your members so you can be confident in having them continue to use the facility.

Evergreen Maintenance cleaning teams will do what is necessary to properly clean and disinfect your facility.

If a known or suspected case of coronavirus has occurred in your facility, standard cleaning and disinfection procedures will be used. This involves first using cleaners and water to pre-clean surfaces. Next, approved disinfectants will be applied to high-touch areas. An approved disinfectant is Health Canada Registered and Broad Spectrum Virucidal.

All our fitness centre cleaning personnel follow universal precautions including the use of proper PPE such as gowns, masks, eye protection, gloves, and shoe covers. Cleaning materials will be disposable to reduce cross-transmission.

Locker Rooms and Gym Showers Cleaning

Locker rooms are very high usage areas and need to be cleaned thoroughly and properly to make sure they don’t become a source of spreading sickness among your members.

It is important to keep locker rooms, showers and washrooms safe, healthy and hygienic. In addition to cleaning other high touch surfaces, the floor needs to be disinfected more often to make sure it is dirt and germ free for your members.

As a business owner, you need to make sure showers are cleaned and disinfected properly daily.

We use foam cleaning systems to disinfect all showers walls and floors to make sure we eliminate all bacteria, viruses and dirt. Our trained cleaning team will apply special solutions to walls and floor with the special attachments and follow the foam cleaning procedures to complete cleaning and disinfecting.

Our professional fitness centre cleaning team will take the smell out of locker rooms with EPA-certified disinfectants.

Green Cleaning Systems and Eco-Friendly Fitness Center Cleaning Equipment

High-touch surface areas found in health clubs, gyms, and fitness centres require cleaning and disinfecting on an ongoing basis. However, not all cleaning products or procedures are equal.

Our green cleaning process not only cleans well but also provides an environment for improved health. Evergreen Building Maintenance uses hospital-grade disinfectants that are hypoallergenic so they are safer for your members and employees.

We also provide green janitorial services to make the workplace environmentally friendly by limiting chemical waste, using and promoting health and eco-friendly products and practices. We achieve this “green” cleaning by implementing specialized equipment and products.

Environmentally Safe Chemicals We Use Are:

  • Safe for your employees
  • Highly-effective cleaning solutions
  • Commercial Cleaning-eco-Friendly.
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Custom-Scheduled Gym Cleaning Service

Having a fitness business means having clients coming in all the time. We understand that.  Evergreen Maintenance designs a cleaning schedule that caters your needs and expectations of your facility.

Our cleaning team will work with you to tailor a flexible fitness centre cleaning schedule that meets the high demands of your facility. Janitorial services may be scheduled daily, multiple times per week, weekly, or even bi-weekly, and are available 24×7 throughout different times of the day, or night.

Evergreen Maintenance Is Locally Owned And Operated

  • 100% guarantee on quality
  • Efficient cleaning technology.
  • Thorough cleaning for a healthier work environment.
  • Expert in all kinds of buildings.
  • Remarkable attention to detail.
  • Thorough and reliable cleaning every time.

Effective And Affordable Fitness Center and Gym Janitorial Services For:

  • Small-Large Gym Cleaning
  • Fitness Center Cleaning
  • Golf Course Cleaning
  • Sports Centre Cleaning
  • Dance Studio Cleaning
  • Yoga Studio Cleaning
  • CrossFit Boxes and Martial Arts Studio Cleaning

Call now for a quote on daily or weekly fitness centre cleaning services and gym cleaning services:  1-888-659-7469 or 250-800-2503.

Open the doors to your fitness centre or gym every morning knowing the experts in the industry have taken care of every detail to make sure your fitness business is ready to go, the moment your members arrive.

Create a safe environment for them to thrive without fear of germs or chemical sensitivities taking a toll.