Conquering Flu Season

Flu season in Canada is typically in late fall into early winter. Unlike the common cold, the flu is far worse because it can lead to other illnesses like pneumonia and an onset of other worsened symptoms. The best way to avoid the flu altogether is to have strong preventative measures put into place, especially if you run a business. This not only benefits the health of your workers but it also benefits you as a business owner. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a cost-effective measure that ensures that you, the business owner, can minimize sick days due to the flu. It’s a strong tactic to keep your business running smoothly and to minimize illness. Here is a comprehensive review on how to minimize the flu in your office.

Secure areas with sanitization

The truth is, most people get sick from touching an infected surface. While illnesses like the flu can be caught from transmission in the air, repeated exposure to the virus in shared areas like break rooms, kitchens and conference rooms are often the main culprit.

Increase cleaning frequency

Hiring a professional cleaning service to routinely sanitize these areas and items within the areas on a frequent basis will reduce the spread of the flu virus. If you normally have a bi-weekly cleaning, consider having one once a week and set the priorities to be focused toward flu management.

General tips

Your professional cleaning service can work with you to determine the best ways to do this by cleaning door handles, hard surfaces and computer keyboards.

  • Tell your sick workers to stay home –if someone falls ill at your workplace, encourage them to work-from-home or to rest up and get better. This will minimize the spread of the virus in your office.
  • Encourage workers to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer during the flu season and to avoid touching their face
  • Encourage people who are pregnant or who have underlying health conditions to take precautions during flu season to avoid hospitalizations

The truth is, the flu can affect each person differently. You do not want to run the risk of having your workers get ill – as some people may be ill a longer than the average and could suffer worse repercussions. Take precautions by hiring a professional cleaning service that will work to reduce the spread of viruses.

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