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Airport Cleaning Services

Airport Housekeeping And Airport Maintenance

Airports cleaning services have to be able to work with passengers who have more travel choices than ever before.  You need to exceed their expectations every time they use your airport.

Whether they are waiting for a flight at the terminal gates or enjoying a nice meal in the food courts they they expect the airport facility will always have a clean, comfortable, well-kept appearance.  Many passengers will avoid travelling through your airport if you don’t meet their standards.

However, the sheer volume of people and activity in your busy terminal daily creates high demand, detailed work, and tight timeframes. Keeping up can be challenging.

You need an experienced partner that provides flexible and responsive cleaning services to create a sparkling, safe, and sanitary travel environment for passengers and employees alike.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has been providing comprehensive, effective cleaning services for more 30 years.

Airport Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Reliable airport cleaning services are essential for high traffic, constantly changing airport environments.  You need a dynamic, proactive cleaning team in order to keep up with the changing schedules of flights in response to weather conditions, seasonal needs and passenger’s own requirements.

Companies that provide airport cleaning services need to be capable of responding to a variety of different challenges. Evergreen provides the aviation industry with

  • Janitorial services for public areas
  • Cleaning ramps
  • Restaurant cleaning services
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning services
  • Food court cleaning services
  • Commercial restoom cleaning services
  • Ratail plaza cleaning services
  • Retail store cleaning services
  • 24/7 airport terminal cleaning services

Airport Cleaning Services With Full Security Clearance

In today’s environment security at airports is of prime concern.  Evergreen Building Maintenance personnel have full security clearance.  You can rely on excellent cleaning from people who understand how to support airport security efforts yet still create a pleasant environment for passengers.

We provide a clear, consitent routine with known employees and managers who know and understand airport security requirements.

We thoroughly check the background of the people we hire.  Not only do we check that they have no criminal convictions and a clean work record with police background checks, but we also check the specific roles in their past employment and the companies they worked for.  Our employee vetting program ensures we have the right employees for each type of job and each type of cleaning environment.

Once an airport cleaning services employee is hired we continue to provide the training and mentoring needed to maintain his or her Transportation Security Clearance which includes access to restricted areas of the airport.