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Are You Looking For A Reliable Commercial Cleaning Company?

Get a commercial cleaning services quote from Evergreen Building Maintenance today!

Evergreen Building Maintenance is an award-winning commercial cleaning company with the head office in Kelowna, BC.  For over 30 years Evergreen Maintenance has been providing daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning and janitorial services in the Okanagan, BC area.

While our head office is in Kelowna, we have cleaning staff located in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton, and Edmonton.

Having a local office gives us the advantage of being tuned in to the weather patterns and local events in the community.  This allows us to provide top-quality services in response to the local circumstances your business is facing on a day-to-day basis.

Get Impeccable Cleaning Every Time!

You can count on Evergreen Building Maintenance to provide a high standard of cleaning every time.  We strive to build your good image by providing a comprehensive cleaning service including the shiny floors and clean washrooms you, your staff, and clients expect.

Professionally Trained Staff Available 24×7!

Whether your business requires services during the day or late at night after everyone has left, we can provide a professionally trained cleaning crew with years of experience.

Office Cleaning Experts

You can have confidence in our ability ot overdeliver on cleanliness in your office or office building.  We clean thousands of offices every month and have lots of clients that have been using our services for years.

Our staff is trained to proactively clean, sanitize, and disinfect your office facility so your staff and clients are comfortable and happy in their environment.

Security Cleared Personnel

Evergreen Maintenance has a rigorous security clearance program.  Whether you have confidential information or sensitive equipment in your facility, our staff has the training and trustworthiness you can count on.

What’s Included In A Free Quote?

We provide a clear, easy-to-understand quote that is totally transparent for you.  You won’t have to guess what is included and what is not.  This means you will get a number you can rely on on…no surprises.

Comprehensive Cleaning Assessment

When you call for a free quote we will send an experienced manager with years of experience in the commercial cleaning business to do a comprehensive cleaning assessment.  You will have a clear vision of the services we will provide and the high standards we can achieve for your building.

Customized Cleaning Plan

During the quote assessment process, our cleaning specialist will take time to understand your priorities, concerns, and special circumstances for your business.

We will do a walk-around of the whole facility and figure out exactly what is needed where.  This is to make sure that you get exactly the cleaning you want and need…no more, no less.

We will provide the maximum cleaning for the lowest price.

Scheduled Service Delivery Plan

Every business is different.  We will strategically provide cleaning staff for the cleaning you need at the exact right time.  This involves creating a detailed cleaning schedule.  You will be very happy to see that your facility is looking its best exactly when you need it to be.

Call now for a quote on daily or weekly commercial cleaning services for your company:  1-855-824-8450 or 250-869-5165.