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Commercial Cleaning Service Security – Can You Trust Them To Be In Your Building At Night?

Your commercial cleaning service company will often need to get into your building after business hours.  You don’t necessarily want someone vacuuming or mopping in the presence of your clients and busy staff.

Sometimes the nature of your work demands a great deal of security.  You can’t let just anyone wander around completely unsupervised.

Banks have that problem.  So do police stations and jails.  In fact, because of our privacy laws and customer confidentiality, a lot of businesses would lose the confidence of their clients if there was a security leak.

Here are a few things your commercial cleaning service should be doing to make sure your interests are secured:

  1. All Commercial Cleaning Staff Members Must Have Background Checks

    You don’t want people with criminal records in your building at night. Your commercial janitorial service must provide assurance that they do a thorough background check of their employees including getting police reports.

  2. Commercial Cleaning Service Security Requires Mandatory Drug Testing

    A reputable commercial cleaning service must be able to provide some sort of evidence that they do drug testing on ALL employees. Even though privacy laws may prohibit providing information on specific employees, ask for evidence of drug testing procedures including names of the drug testing companies they use.

  3. Communication With Non-English Speaking Staff

    Commercial cleaning companies often employ non-English speaking staff. When you want to communicate information about hazards and sensitive areas you need to make sure everyone clearly understands.  It is important for your janitorial company to provide someone on the cleaning team that is fluent in English and is smart enough to understand what you are saying.  They must also be able to communicate that information to the rest of the staff.

  4. Fully Bonded And Insured

    Things can go wrong. Employees can make mistakes.  Sometimes the wrong person can get the job on the cleaning company’s team.  Make sure your cleaning company is fully bonded and insured.  If something goes wrong, including theft, you don’t want to end up with the bill.

  5. Check References

    In addition to all of the above make sure you get several references. Check to see if your cleaning company has consistently held long-term contracts with several of their clients.  Find out how long the employees have been with the company on the team that will be handling your contract.  Ask around among other facilities managers about what they have heard about the company you are considering hiring.  Do a check on the Internet to see if there are reviews or media reports about the company.

Screening a commercial cleaning company for trustworthiness can never be perfect, but you can get a good “feel” for the attitude of the management from the consultant you are working with.  Keep good communication lines open with that person to address any concerns and adjust practices to suit your business.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has long-term experience working with banks and government offices.  They have provided commercial cleaning staff for police services and criminal detention centres.  Sometimes it can take six to eight months to go through the enhanced security clearance.

Whatever your needs, Evergreen Building Maintenance can provide the commercial cleaning service security cleared staff to look after your building responsibly.

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