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Secure, Reliable Government Janitorial Cleaning Services

Custom Government Janitorial Cleaning Services

Evergreen Building Maintenance government janitorial cleaning services works as a partner who understands the importance of the security, legislation and regulatory requirements required by government offices.  Through years of experience we have developed the infrastructure and documented processes to meet and exceed your expectations.

You can trust Commercial Cleaning Services to perform work in your facility in a safe and secure manner. All work is completed in compliance with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations and is covered by comprehensive general liability insurance.

Our managers and staff understand the need for transparency and openness in communication.  We develop a “smart cleaning” routine based on your direction and our hands-on experience working in your facility.  Once the initial plan is implemented we review performance with you, then with our employees every three months.

That’s high performance commercial janitorial cleaning services for government offices.  Our government janitorial cleaning services provide public sector clients with a program focused on compliance and contract management.

Safety and Security

Our cleaners must successfully complete a multi-step, multi-interview screening process and a background check before entering any worksite. Staff members are trained to maintain confidentiality and follow security procedures. All processes are documented to provide a permanent record of actions taken.

Evergreen Building Maintenance government janitorial cleaning services has been providing janitorial services to various government buildings for over 30 years. We have experience maintaining correctional facilities, RCMP buildings, research stations and social service buildings. Due to the confidentiality of these sites, we only hire staff members who have been background checked and security cleared.

Our government janitorial services are delivered by trained and uniformed employees, who are provided with the most advanced equipment in order to ensure superior results. Routine cleaning inspections completed by our supervisors ensure consistent quality control.

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