Reliable Office Cleaning Services Vernon

Our mission is to provide a progressive experience for both our clients and employees in British Columbia.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has been an industry leader in cities like Vernon for more than 30 years. We provide office cleaning teams with staff that has been in the cleaning business for many years. You can count on us to provide a high standard of office cleaning services, consistently. Read more

Office Cleaning Penticton – Get The Best Office Cleaning Services! Specializing In Daily And Weekly Services

We’ll Make Sure Your Office Is Always Clean And Fresh Smelling!

Evergreen Building Maintenance has been providing quality office cleaning services for over 30 years. We have several teams of highly trained, experienced professionals in the commercial cleaning business.

We consider our work to be a “level above” because of our specialized training programs and because we use the latest cleaning technology and Eco-friendly cleaning products that can prevent virus outbreaks and allergic reactions.
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Get The Best Daily And Weekly Office Cleaning Services In Kelowna!

Consistent, Reliable Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services
So Your Office Is Always Clean And Fresh!

With over 30 years in the commercial cleaning business, we have several teams of experienced, highly trained, professional cleaning staff. Read more

Daily And Weekly Kelowna Janitorial Services

35+ Years Of Professional Kelowna Janitorial Services

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Hotel Janitorial Services Quote

Are You Looking For A Reliable Hotel Janitorial Services Company?

Get a hotel janitorial services quote today!

Discover why smart hotel and motel managers hire a professional hotel janitorial services company to support their in-house cleaning efforts – Click Here!

Evergreen Building Maintenance is an award-winning commercial cleaning company with the head office in Kelowna, BC.  For over 30 years Evergreen Maintenance has been providing daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning and janitorial services in the Okanagan, BC area.

While our head office is in Kelowna, we have cleaning staff located in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton, and Edmonton. Read more

Eco-Friendly “Green” Commercial Cleaning Service Victoria BC

We Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products And Cleaning Techniques To Protect Your Health And The Environment

Evergreen Building Maintenance logoCommercial cleaning service Victoria BC: 

Support a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company that provides “world-class” janitorial services for Victoria BC.

Evergreen Building Maintenance Inc. provides quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services for small businesses, retail plazas, multi-storey office buildings and public facilities.

We provide experienced, professional local janitorial staff with full security clearance.

Monthly, weekly, daily or full time day or evening cleaning staff…At your service!

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Commercial Cleaning Service Vancouver BC – “Green” Commercial Janitorial Services Protect Your Health And The Environment

Evergreen Building Maintenance logoCommercial cleaning services Vancouver BC:

Locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company provides quality janitorial services for Vancouver BC. Read more

Commercial Cleaning Service Surrey BC – Professional Commercial Janitorial Services, Locally Owned And Operated

Evergreen Building Maintenance logoTop Ranked Local janitorial services company provides quality commercial cleaning services Surrey BC.

If you have a retail store or plaza, office space or even an entire multi-storey office building and need commercial building cleaning services or office cleaning services, we have experienced cleaning staff, right here in Surrey BC.

We can provide monthly, weekly and even daily professional commercial cleaning services for any size of business, government or public space. Read more

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC – When You Need Commercial Janitorial Services You Can Rely On

You’ll Never Have To Worry About Cleanliness And Odours… Guaranteed!

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC

We make sure our personnel have the equipment, ‘green’ products and training to handle any commercial cleaning service needs you may have.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has experienced employees who know what to clean and how to clean it so cleanliness never becomes a problem.

As a facility manager or office manager, we know you want to provide the best experience for staff and clients.  The last thing you need is for people to be turned off because of untidy or smelly conditions, so we make sure you never have to worry about it. Read more

Quality Janitorial Cleaning Services Penticton BC

Top Quality

Quality Janitorial Cleaning Services Penticton BC – Reliable, Accountable

Our Mission Is To Provide An Amazing Experience For Your Clients And Employees In Penticton, BC.

Evergreen Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services Penticton BC is a well established, professional service in Penticton BC, a city located in the south central region of British Columbia in the Okanagan Valley. Penticton is known for its mild climate, gorgeous weather and only 15 inches of rain per year! The sun is always shining and two fresh water lakes and gentle rolling mountains surround the city –making it perfect for residents and tourists to engage in a variety of recreational activities and amenities. From swimming to hockey, this city loves to stay active. Penticton also has a passion for natural resources and their economy has widened to include service industries like Evergreen Building Maintenance. As a company, we strive to contribute to economic environmentalism with our janitorial services and commercial office cleaning. We do this by offering a professional cleaning service that integrates green cleaning practices that avoid the use of harsh, toxic chemicals such as VOCs and by using environmentally friendly cleaning equipment! Read more