Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC – When You Need Commercial Janitorial Services You Can Rely On

You’ll Never Have To Worry About Cleanliness And Odours… Guaranteed!

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC

We make sure our personnel have the equipment, ‘green’ products and training to handle any commercial cleaning service needs you may have.

Evergreen Building Maintenance has experienced employees who know what to clean and how to clean it so cleanliness never becomes a problem.

As a facility manager or office manager, we know you want to provide the best experience for staff and clients.  The last thing you need is for people to be turned off because of untidy or smelly conditions, so we make sure you never have to worry about it.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Evergreen Building Maintenance provides employees with the best, environmentally friendly ‘green’ products.  These products are non-toxic and in many cases hypoallergenic.  Sometimes people have allergic reactions to cleaning products, so we take care of that in advance.

But, having the right products is not enough.  We provide our employees with the training to use the products efficiently…less waste, better cleaning.

Proactive Problem Solving

Properly trained staff are also good at figuring out potential problems and proactively take care of them before anyone notices.  You’ll have less complaints and a building that is ‘magically’ clean all the time.

You’ll never have to worry about ugly stains, unpleasant odours or dust and dirt in your building.

Experienced Cleaning Staff

A commercial cleaning service is only as good as their staff and it’s not easy to keep good employees.  In fact, most cleaning companies cleaning staff is constantly turning over.

Our approach is to bring people in as apprentices and give them a way to grow in their career.  We hire and train people to become professionals in their field.

Experienced people are promoted to managers who realize the challenges of their profession.  They treat employees well and give them a sense of pride when they perform excellent work.

With this approach our cleaning crews stay with us for the long term.  We have teams of cleaning professionals that have been with us for 10 years or more.  They really know what they are doing.

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC:  Having experienced people, who know what they are doing will give you peace of mind.  Your office or building is in good hands.

Evergreen Building Maintenance cleaning professionals take away the worries of keeping your premises clean.

We work hard to make our commercial cleaning service is the best in its class.  Call now for a free quote. 

Give Us A Try.  We Know You’ll Want To Keep Us Around For The Long Term!

Evergreen Commercial Cleaning Service and commercial janitorial service has been in business for over 30 years.  We have been serving many of our clients for decades.  At the time of this writing, we have commercial cleaning crews are servicing 3.5 Million square feet of office, retail and public facilities every day of the year.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of cleanliness and convenience for ALL your commercial cleaning service needs.

References are available so you can check out our reputation with real clients.

Here Are Some Testimonials To Show What Our Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC Can Do For You!   

  1. City of Kelowna 
    “Evergreen Building Maintenance has provided janitorial services for our Park Washrooms for the past 15 years. Park washrooms in the mid 1990’s were a significant problem for the City and we used to receive hundreds of complaints per year. Today, Evergreen provides excellent service for our Park washrooms and we have also received compliments for the cleanliness of our park washrooms during significant park events. The number of complaints we receive are minimal and often not a result of the janitorial services from Evergreen. I am very satisfied with our contractor and I hope that our relationship will continue in the future.”
  2. Royal LePage Real Estate
    “Evergreen Building Maintenance has been under contract with Royal LePage Kelowna since April 2006. Over the years, they have delivered a dependable service and any issues have dealt with in an efficient manner.”
  3. Shoppers Drug Mart
    “I am writing this letter to say thank you to you and your team. I have had several maintenance companies in the past few years, but none compare to the incredible quality of work done by your company!”
  4. 7-Eleven Convenience Store
    “Evergreen’s work is very professional and extremely well done. I recommend them to any company looking for workmanship that will exceed their expectations.”

You’ll Find Us “Easy To Work With”!

The reason we can provide a superior cleaning service is because we are constantly training and updating our staff on the latest products and equipment.  As the materials used in buildings change, we have to keep changing our practices to make sure we can clean properly.

Keeping our employees up-to-date with changes in your business and constantly training our employees to use the latest methods in the cleaning industry has been the secret to our success.

You’ll find our employees take pride in their work.  They are willing to go out of their way to clean up dust, grime and odors so you can have a comfortable space to work every day.  We find that new clients are pleasantly surprised with the dedication and thoroughness of our cleaning crews.

We’ll Make You Look Good!

If your building looks good and smells good, people will be happy working and doing business there.

A clean building gives a good feeling.

That’s what you want.  You want people to have a good feeling about coming to your building.  All our staff at Evergreen Building Maintenance understands the cleanliness of your office or store speaks volumes about you as a company.  That’s why we work diligently to maintain a standard of cleanliness that makes your clients and staff feel good about dealing with you.

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC – We help you build a positive brand image for your company.

Evergreen Building And Maintenance Inc. Provides Professional Commercial Cleaning Services For Any Kind Of Business Or Public Building Including:

  • Office cleaning,
  • Office buildings,
  • Retail cleaning for common areas in malls,
  • Individual retail store cleaning,
  • Public institutions,
  • Schools,
  • Government facilities and
  • Public spaces

We Can Fulfill Both Indoor And Outdoor Requirements For All Kinds Of Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services Situations.

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC

Complete Property Maintenance Services Gives You Total Peace Of Mind

Do You Need Special Services?

Evergreen Building Maintenance can deploy specialist cleaning crews for all aspects of a property maintenance contract including carpet cleaning, window cleaning services, stain removal, bio-waste, parking lot maintenance and lawn and garden maintenance.

We have specialist teams for all aspects of commercial cleaning.

You will not have to run around coordinating property maintenance services from different providers to look after your building.  We have in-house talent for all aspects of commercial janitorial services.

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC – Call for a quote anytime.  We are accessible 24 hours a day!  1-855-824-8450

Best In Class Services

Complete Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George Including Janitorial Services

Auto Dealerships

Civic Facilities

Commercial Plazas

Educational Institutions

Government Buildings

Industrial Tenants

Medical Offices

Professional Office Spaces

Recreational Facilities

Regional Libraries

Restaurants and Bars

Retail Storefronts

Shopping Centres

Strata Complexes

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC

Here’s How We Deliver Consistent Cleaning Service Every Time: 

First we assess your situation and get a list of your priorities.  Then, we create “Cleaning Assessment Sheets” for our cleaning crews.  We review the Cleaning Assessment Sheets on a weekly or monthly basis and report back to you.

Within our company, we have a system of grading employees.  We look at their performance and provide constructive feedback.  Depending on the situation we’ll provide the training and guidance needed to help them grow professionally.  Our on-site supervisors get a copy of the cleaning assessment sheets so they can help employees continually improve cleaning standards.

Health Conscious Commercial Cleaners

We are aware that people have health problems and allergies to different chemicals.  This is why we take care of your health by only using cleaning products with reduced harmful effects on personal health.  Our cleaning products are GREEN SEAL or ECOLOGO certified.

Upholstery And Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide our crews with steam extraction carpet cleaning equipment for carpets and upholstery cleaning.  Professional level, truck-mounted, high-powered, steam extraction systems make your carpets look new again.

We are Clean Trust Certified (aka IICRC)

That means we train our people to follow manufacturer’s warranty requirements so you get optimum value from the tools and products we use.  Our technicians get specialized training to clean dirty spots, ground-in soil and problem stains in heavy traffic areas.

Disinfecting and deodorizing is included in the process of carpet cleaning.  We strive to eliminate the source of accumulated bacteria.

Our crews are equipped with solvents and equipment to get rid of pet stains.

Our Cleaning Crews Are Available 24×7!

We understand that your property management team may work with several different contractors.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to coordinate everyone’s schedules.  We’ll work with you and accommodate your schedule.  Our commercial cleaning crews are available at any time of day or night.

We strive to maintain clear lines of communication and accommodate your busy schedule with convenient scheduling options.

We are confident you will be delighted with the service we provide.  You can rely on the people at Evergreen commercial cleaning service Prince George BC

Streak Free Window Cleaning Service… Guaranteed!

Evergreen Building Maintenance specializes in cleaning windows.  It’s not easy to clean windows without leaving streaks and water marks.  We have skilled personnel to provide quality window cleaning.  There’s a good reason why most commercial cleaning companies don’t clean windows.

When we clean your windows, they stay cleaner longer!  We use 100% pure rubber squeegees to clean your windows without building up a static charge.  Static charge attracts more dirt and grime so your windows look dirty soon after cleaning.  By using the right kind of squeegees, we can keep your windows clear and bright looking longer than you would expect!

At Evergreen Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC, safety is an important concern, especially with highrise window cleaning.  We provide the safest and most professional window cleaning services at very competitive prices.

Our Professional Commercial Window Cleaning Services include:

4-sides window washing service (interior, exterior, and in between double-windows)

Cleaning  frames, tracks & screens

Glass balconies and railings washing

French doors

Storm Windows


Mirror washing

We can clean all types of windows including:

Commercial Retail Window Washing

High-Rise Window Cleaning – We are fall protection safety experts

Office Window Cleaning

Skylight Cleaning

Store Front Cleaning

Awning Cleaning

New Construction Clean Up

Rental Properties

Professional Property Maintenance For Office Towers, Large Or Small Buildings

We provide total facilities care in our property maintenance service.   With one call convenience, you can have our staff available with “lightning-fast” response.  Evergreen Building Maintenance provides top-notch facilities management and janitorial services at competitive prices.  Our commercial cleaning service Prince George BC has the breadth and depth of specialized personnel to handle the whole property maintenance project from outside parking and landscaping to maintenance issues in the building.

Typical List Of Property Maintenance Services

  • Common area bathroom cleaning
  • Debris and garbage pick-up (parking lots and sidewalks)
  • Emptying garbage cans and wiping lids as required
  • Exterior building light inspection
  • Exterior building painting requirements
  • Exterior tenant signage checks
  • Graffiti & gum patrol, walk-around of perimeter
  • Pedestal/pylon sign, electrical check
  • Remove debris from flower beds
  • Adjust water lines for planters & landscaping
  • Rooftop security checks – three times per week
  • Vacant lease space check (heat and clean)

Call Us For Property Maintenance Services For

Multi-Unit Townhomes


Retail Stores




Franchise Chain Locations

Properties/buildings of all types

Our facilities management methods have shown as much as 15% cost reduction in commercial strip malls.

Scope Of Our Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC

Maintenance of Small Businesses Prince George, BC

Maintenance of Large Buildings Prince George, BC (Daily, Weekly, etc.)

Professional Window Cleaning Prince George, BC

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Prince George, BC (Steam Extraction)

Floor Stripping Prince George, BC

Floor Waxing Prince George, BC

Floor Buffing Prince George, BC

Parking Lot Maintenance Prince George, BC

Garbage/Recycling Removal Prince George, BC

Paper Shredding Services Prince George, BC

Horizontal high-dusting Prince George, BC

Washroom Sanitation Prince George, BC

Snow and Litter Removal Prince George, BC

Hot Pressure Washing Prince George, BC

Construction Clean-Up Prince George, BC

Strata Management Prince George, BC

Office Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Office Cleaning Companies Prince George, BC

Commercial Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Commercial Building Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Janitorial Services Prince George, BC

Janitorial Companies Prince George, BC

Building Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Cleaning Office Buildings Prince George, BC

Cleaning Companies Prince George, BC

Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Business Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Corporate Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Professional Cleaners Prince George, BC

Retail Plaza Cleaning Prince George, BC

Retail Cleaning Prince George, BC

Retail Store Cleaning Prince George, BC

School Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

School Janitorial Services Prince George, BC

Building Maintenance Prince George, BC

Property Maintenance Prince George, BC

Property Caretaking Prince George, BC

Property Management Prince George, BC

Lobby Area Maintenance Prince George, BC

Strata Maintenance Prince George, BC

Bank Cleaning Prince George, BC

Grocery Store Cleaning Prince George, BC

Commercial Landscaping Services Prince George, BC

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services Prince George, BC

Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services Prince George, BC

Custodial Services Prince George, BC

Housekeeping Services Prince George, BC

Industrial Cleaning Services Prince George, BC

Commercial Cleaning Service Prince George BC Reviews

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